Altitude Training not Just Attitude Adjustment

Training is hard. It requires dedication. It requires motivation. It requires opting for getting sleep rather than going out. You need to mold your attitude much like a muscle, so that it isn’t the limiting factor in training or in racing. I’ve been training and competing at a high level for a long time (Pacific NW Regional Champion and Olympic [...]

Getting High to Go Fast: Altitude Training

I’ve been altitude training-curious for some time, given that my coach, teammates, and other competitive cyclists/triathletes I know use the facilities at Evolution Healthcare & Fitness. Initially I struggled to justify the expense when I already belonged to a gym with a pool and to the gym at my office. I’ve been competing in Olympic distance triathlons since 2013 and [...]

Vegetable Juices over Fruit Juices for Healthy Benefits

Why do I prefer vegetable juices over fruit juices for health? Thanks to Mauricio Prinzlau for this guest blog on the benefits of vegetable juices. To read more about him, visit his website. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify the body and promote weight loss is one of the latest trends in the world of healthy eating. But is it a trend, or is it [...]

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Patience: A Key Component of Ultra Running

Ultra running 100 miles on a low mileage training plan! Written by Eric Lubell. Pre Game Patience.  It’s a word that would come up over and over again as I prepared for and battled through the Mountain Lakes 100 ultra running course.  I had planned to run this race in 2015, but life happened and I found myself neither physically [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Cupping Therapy

Written by Em Wooden Thanks to Michael Phelps, Pavel Sankovich, Alex Naddour, and many other Olympic athletes, cupping therapy has become a topic of conversation around the world.  News sources are sensationalizing the bruise-like marks on the athletes’ bodies, and while some journalists encourage readers to give cupping a try, others suggest that the therapy is ineffective and perhaps even [...]

What Does Science Have to Say about Altitude Training?

Written by Em Wooden Altitude training is utilized for a number of reasons.  The most common inspiration for clients at Evolution is improving athletic performance at sea level, although many people also train for high altitude treks and competitions in the Altitude Training Room.  For more than four decades athletes have embraced the improvement in performance that is yielded by [...]