Evolution Healthcare & Fitness is grateful to be able to support athletes from a variety of different sports and backgrounds.

One of the most unique aspects of Evolution is that we are building a community of people who value healthcare and fitness as an integral part of their lifestyle. These athletes embrace their respective communities and aim to not only excel but to broaden the scope of their sport.

Sponsored Athlete Adam Goulet

Adam Goulet

Adam is an nationally, and internationally competitive athlete doing triathlons and duathlons, and is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist here at Evolution Healthcare & Fitness. Specializing in the sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, Adam has been won regional and national age group championships, as well as represented the Unites States in ITU Age Group World Championships.

A Pacific Northwest native, Adam has lived all around Washington and Oregon, spending time teaching skiing on Mt. Spokane before running Track at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande. When not in in the Altitude Training Room or doing strength and conditioning work Adam can be found running and riding the roads in and around the West Hills and Gorge.

Amy VanTassel

Amy “VT” is a proud member of the Wattie Ink. professional athlete roster. She successfully qualified as a top-1% internationally-ranked triathlete for five years, competing in Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, until she qualified for her professional license in 2015. In addition to Wattie Ink., she represents Rolf Prima Wheel Systems, PowerBar USA, Giant Bicycles, and Evolution Healthcare and Fitness. Considering the Ultraman double-Ironman distance as her forte, she is focussed on competing at that distance, supported by her coaching via the Chris Bagg Coaching Group.

Andy Traylor

Andy started rock climbing in the early 2000‘s and quickly found a passion that started to shape his life. Since then, he’s thoroughly enjoyed all disciplines of climbing from big wall aid to bouldering. He’s been fortunate enough to travel throughout the U.S, Canada and Mexico balancing time exploring new crags and returning to classic areas. These days, Andy divides his time into two seasons – one spent training for sport climbing, and another focused on alpine objectives.

Working full-time as a fish biologist, Andy needs to maximize the efficiency of his climbing and training time. In the last few years, he’s experimented with a variety of training and coaching programs to dial in exactly what he needs to progress. Utilizing the well-equipment facilities and expert knowledge available at Evolution have become a cornerstone of his program. Recent successes include multiple 5.13 sport climbs, the Grand Traverse in the Tetons and the Sisters Traverse in the Cascades.

You can read more about Andy’s exploits here: http://www.mountainrefugees.com

Anissa Cobb

Nissy Cobb has traveled the world over for the better part of two decades–solidifying a reputation as a track sprinting power house and as a fierce overall competitor on the boards. The combination of raw grit, determination, and fearlessness has earned Nissy more top five finishes at national championships than you can count on both hands, and their passion for the sport and the community it provides is limitless.

In past 5 years Nissy was introduced to the Red Hook Crit and many other fixed crit races around the country. With a continued passion for yeah racing Nissy gained a new appreciation for the track bike but on the road. The thrill and exhilaration of this discipline of racing had Nissy immediately hooked. 

Nissy was introduced to the world of bicycle racing through SEI(Self Enhancement Inc.) at just 11yrs old. Cycling was a class offered there and Nissy took to it naturally which resulted in an immediate invitation to the Jr team B.I.K.E.(Bicycles and Ideas for Kids Empowerment). They competed as a member of the team up until their last year of high school and have loosely been involved ever since.

After being away for 4 years Nissy is back in Portland and working at the Community Cycling Center. They are stoked on spokes to again be apart of broadening access to cycling to the communities throughout Portland and beyond!

Camden Allison-Hall

Camden grew up in Eugene, OR running cross-country and track. Camden loved individual sports because of the discipline and self-motivation that it required. He was most successful running the 400m, attending the OSAA State Championships in the event while at South Eugene High School. Camden then attended the University of Oregon where he found ultimate, a club sport there. He quickly became a team sports athlete and accelerated at the sport of ultimate because of his athletic and disciplinary background. Camden helped bring the team back to national prominence having Oregon ranked first in the country multiple times. Camden lead Oregon to back-to-back national semifinal appearance before graduating in 2013. In 2012 and 2013 Camden was one of the seven players awarded All-Region honors in the Northwest region. Additionally, Camden was invited to tour around the country in both the 2012 and 2013 seasons as part of a collegiate All-American team that competed against club teams around the country. Camden most recently played professional ultimate with the Portland Stags in 2014. Unfortunately he tore his ACL at the beginning of the 2015 season but has used Evolution as his primary source for PT and recovery. Portland is home to Camden’s club team, Rhino.

Chris Bagg

Chris has raced as a professional triathlete since 2006, currently racing for Wattie Ink., PowerBar, Giant Bicycles, Newton Running, Fuse Lenses, and Rolf Prima Wheels, in addition to Evolution Healthcare & Fitness, and is coached by QT2 Systems. He has clinched multiple professional podia spots, perennially placing at what is now Challenge Penticton, and recently finishing with a 8:35 iron-distance result as the top American at Challenge Roth. He serves as the director of the U.S. Masters Swim group at Nike World Headquarters, and founded and spearheads Chris Bagg Coaching Group, a successful coaching company based in the Pacific Northwest.

Corie Townsend

Corie grew up in the Pacific Northwest riding fast horses and dreaming about traveling. In college, she fell in love with exploring the natural world and dove head-first into bouldering and sport climbing as a way of seeing new, less-easily accessed, areas. Balancing climbing and horses was relatively easy but soon, she discovered running. In 2013, she signed up for her first half-marathon on a dare and has been pounding dirt ever since. Training simultaneously for 3 passions required a new level of dedication and health-consciousness.

In 2014, she stood on top of Oregon’s South Sister and fell in love with chasing mountaintops. She soon became obsessed with trying her hand at light & fast mountaineering objectives. In the last 3 years, she has completed the Three Sisters Traverse twice, has done a running link-up of Three Fingered Jack and Mount Washington, and has climbed every volcano in the Cascade Range. So many passions, so little time.

Corie works full-time as a writer and carefully plans each week’s training plan around work, travel, and horseback riding. Having the opportunity to train for climbing, running, and alpine pursuits in one place is integral to her recent successes. Having expert health professionals under the same roof as the training facility has been incredible: being able test lactate threshold, train at altitude, and consult with the running, climbing, and mountaineering experts at Evolution has been an incredible resource. She’s very excited to see how the Evolution Healthcare & Fitness sponsored athletes team can help her reach her future goals. Bring it on, 2017! You can read more about Corie’s exploits here: http://www.mountainrefugees.com

Don Moote

Don has been active ever since he was a little kid. He started riding a bike when he was only 4 years old.  He never really competed in anything until his late 20’s (a long time ago).  At that time his girl friend and now wife asked him to do a Triathlon.  This was back in the early years of triathlon when almost no one had heard of them.  So of course he said yes, what are triathlons?  And away he went to do his first Olympic tri almost 30 years ago.  Since then Don has done many Olympic distance, a few half Irons, a couple of Iron distance Tri’s and quite a few XTERRA (off road) Triathlons.  He does not consider himself a top tier athlete, but rather a good competitor who likes to set races as goals to keep fit.  His participation in Triathlon and connections into the Tri Comunity are two of the main reasons that Evolution has brought Don on as one of their sponsored athletes.

Don’s other interests are varied, he’s a bit of a computer geek, an engineer by training, and he likes to draw and sing. He’s willing to try just about any sport that some one tells him about.  He’s done rock climbing, SCUBA diving, golf, canoe tripping, kayaking….One of his biggest passions remains bicycles.  He loves to work on them, build them up, and of course ride them.  He has quite a stable of bikes for almost all purposes:  mountain, road, cyclocross, Triathlon…and even two motorcycles. Don and his wife have traveled via bicycles on many of the Tour de France roads too!

Dylan Bowman

Dylan is a professional ultrarunner specializing in mountain races usually between 50-100 miles. Sponsored by The North Face and Red Bull, Dylan has earned many wins and podium performances at world-class races all over the world. Originally from Colorado, Dylan and his wife Harmony relocated to Portland in 2019 to take advantage of the amazing training grounds and community in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to racing professionally, Dylan also functions as the Director of Performance for Hypoxico Altitude Training – an altitude simulation company responsible for installing the altitude enclosure at Evolution. Feel free to ask him questions about hypoxic training when you see him in the chamber!

Sponsored Athlete Ed Herman

Ed Herman

Born and raised in the PNW Ed found Brazilian ju-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA) shortly after his 21st birthday. He soon found a deep passion to learn as much as possible and began training to compete and coach. He originally started training to have a healthy hobby and stay out of trouble.  After 3 months of training and 1 ju-jitsu tournament he decided to try MMA full time. He won his 1st match with a rear choke and was immediately addicted. He has always been an adrenaline seeker, and this sport was perfect!

His life changed from that moment on. He changed jobs so he could train more and after a few years as an amateur he decided to go pro in 2004. By late 2005 he had built a 12-2 record and was offered a slot on the popular TV show, The Ultimate Fighter. Ed fought his way to the finale and lost a close decision, but was offered a contract with the UFC.  He has competed in 19 fights over the last 9 years.

Ed’s wife and three children recently moved back to Oregon after a 5 year stint in Colorado. They loved it there but missed Oregon so much that they sold their house and half of the martial arts academy they had opened up there. They are excited to be back in the PNW and look to open a new academy in Battle Ground Washington soon. Outside of fighting Ed enjoys spending time with his kids, riding ATVs, snowboarding and being out on the river fishing.

Sponsored Athlete Ian Carter

Ian Carter

Ian grew up in Birmingham, Alabama where he tried every sport except running. Growing up in the South it was all about football, but eventually he realized he would never reach his true potential playing football. All his friends were on the track team, so he decided to give it a try. After a couple of strides he began to find his rhythm, and in his senior year he accepted a scholarship to run track and cross country for the University of Mississippi.

At Ole Miss he began to discover more of his love for running, and the need to improve became an addiction. He had reached a lot of goals during the college years, but wasn’t ready to give up the sport. He moved out West to Portland, Oregon to chase his dreams and reach more running goals. Although running gave him a high he chased after year after year he was still missing something. He loved helping people reach their goals in running as well and began online coaching for McKirdy Trained, and helping others reach their goals and surpass them gives him motivation to reach his own.

Jacob Rathe

Jacob Rathe has been a professional road cyclist since 2010 and currently races for Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis team. Previous teams include the Chipotle Development Team and the World Tour team, Garmin-Sharp. From Portland, Oregon, Jacob grew up racing many different disciplines in the vibrant local scene, including track, cyclo-cross, and mountain biking. Before turning professional at 19, he gained vital experience racing in Europe for the US National Team, including three World Championships participations.

Jacob is an all-around rider and finds success from breakaways, undulating courses, and sprinting from a small group. His biggest results from 2017 include an general classification win at the Tour of Xingtai (China), and the King of the Mountains competition at the Tour of Utah. Career highlights include a stage win at the Tour of Portugal (2011), and 3rd place finish at the U23 Paris-Roubaix (2011).

Jim Kennedy

Jim grew up in the Northeast and had the good fortune to move to the Northwest in 1993. He started running later in life at the ripe age of 52.  He worked up from 5k’s, 10K’s, half marathons, and finally a marathon.  Then he met Go Beyond Racing and learned of much longer distances. Under the training and coaching of Dana Katz he completed his first 50K, The Hagg Lake Mud Run.  Jim loves trail running and working to get better at longer distances.

Sponsored Athlete Jason Leman

Jason Leman

As a child, Jason never really had the patience for endurance activities. Even in Yosemite, his parents had to bribe him with a stuffed animal to get him to go hiking. But that was years ago, and a lot has changed since then.

Running has slowly become a renewable resource of happiness, confidence, and community in Jason’s life. After his first 50k race in 2010, his desire to go further was insatiable until he finished his first 100 mile race in 2011. After proving that he could go the distance, his focus shifted on being smarter, healthier, stronger, and faster in a quest to reach his absolute potential in distances ranging from 50k to 100 miles.

Other hobbies include skiing, dancing, and frölicking in flowery meadows.

Sponsored Athlete Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love has identified as a runner since she was a young girl. A life of passion for running brought her through the competitive world of track and cross country through college. Once the stress of competition wore her down, she turned to the trails to awaken herself to a mindful life oriented to community and personal development. She is an athlete ambassador liaison for Trail Butter, an aspiring writer, part time coach, fly fisherwoman, and dog mom to Jack and Juneau. During the 9-5 work week she manages the Float Shoppe Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon where she advocates the benefits of flotation therapy as a means of active rest and recovery for ultrarunners in the trail running community. Her most memorable accomplishment in the sport is finishing second woman at the 2016 Cascade Crest 100 endurance run. The trail running community is the family she got to choose, and she dedicates her time to supporting events and individuals who allow her to feel the most connected to this way of life she loves oh so much!

Photo Credit Jeff Fisher

Matt Welch

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, Matt was innately drawn to outdoor pursuits that challenged the limits of his body. From competitive nordic skiing to extended bike tours up the shores of Lake Superior, Matt viewed movement as a vessel to engage, explore, and experience life to the fullest. Over time, he became fascinated by running and inspired by phenomenal human performances exhibited by Scott Jurek, Ryan Hall, and Deena Kastor.

Once he began to run, Matt never looked back. After winning a cross country state title, he accepted an athletic scholarship to compete on the cross country/track team for the University of Minnesota where he pursued a degree in Kinesiology. With a desire to experience something new, he moved West to compete for the University of Portland and complete a graduate degree in higher education and student affairs. With the Portland Pilots, Matt helped the cross country team place 2nd at the NCAA National Championships and went on to receive All-American honors in 10,000 meters on the track.

Working full-time at a life coach training organization, Matt has his eyes set on the 2020 Olympic Trials for the marathon. Currently competing for the Jacuzzi Boys Athletic Club, Matt is passionate about giving back to his community in the form of coaching/mentoring and volunteering his time at local running events. He is ecstatic to partner with Evolution Healthcare and Fitness to help educate athletes the value of holistic physical/mental development and empower them to create habits to uncover their potential.

To keep up with Matt’s shenanigans, visit his website runtheprocess.com

Sponsored Athlete Mike Pierce

Mike Pierce

Mike started wrestling at the age of 12 and immediately fell in love with the sport. Through his wrestling career he won 6 state titles, 4 regional titles and was a two time All-American. His love for one on one competition eventually led him to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) where he began competing in 2006 as an amateur. Mike quickly earned a 5-0 amateur record and decided to turn pro in 2007. By 2009 the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) took notice and signed him to the organization. His professional MMA record is currently 17-6.

Evolution Healthcare & Fitness has played a key role in his current conditioning routines. The facility is professional, they have all the right equipment, and the Altitude Training Room has really helped him reach new heights in fitness.

Outside of the Octagon he enjoys spearfishing, freediving, taking his daughter on adventures and just spending time with family.

Ricky Simon

Ricky is a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He started wrestling when he was 8 and decided to start fighting when he was 19. As an amateur fighter he had a record of 11-0 and held 5 titles, in three different weight classes. Since going pro in early 2014 he has achieved a 7-0 record with four Knockouts.

He has been able to utilize the facility at Evolution Healthcare and Fitness in preparation for his professional fights. Ricky is proud to be one of the sponsored athletes with Evolution and really enjoys using their Altitude Training Room to enhance his aerobic fitness. When he is not training he loves to sit back and relax or go exploring with his miniature Australian Shepard.

Sponsored Athlete Scott "Plaid" Peterson

Scott Peterson

Scott “Plaid” Peterson is an Adventure Climber that has solo aided his first route on El Capitan in Yosemite. He is an avid ice climber and is an all round climber, with first ascents and route development in the Pacific Northwest to his credit. Plaid sets high goals year after year. In getting ready for his next series of challenging climbs, he has coupled a nutrition plan and workout regimen that will bear the fruit of success. Plaid has proven himself to be determined and willing to work hard. He has been tested in the crucible of the mountains and he’s not done yet at the spry age of 53 . With a “can do” attitude and deciding to adapt himself to be what he needs to be to be successful and healthy.

In the fall of 2016 he will be went to Yosemite to free climb The Steck/Salathe and many others. This is to follow up last fall 2015 spending 24 Days on El Capitan aid climbing the Tempest route with 2 partners. In 2017 he will be going to Utah to climb a new aid climbing route in The Fisher Towers. This route may turn out to be a new A4 first ascent. He spends lots of time in Hyalite Montana lead climb two WI5 ice waterfalls, on routes such as Cleopatra’s Needle and The Scepter.

Sponsored Athlete Starla Teddergreen

Starla Teddergreen

Starla grew up in the mountains of Northeastern Washington, with a love for the outdoors, she was adventurous from the start. Starla is strongly competitive and focused to excel in whatever it is she does. Becoming a professional athlete has been the greatest adventure and biggest challenge she has taken on so far. Over the years since discovering road cycling as a sport she has molded her life to better pursue this great adventure. With a strong support system and flexibility of working for herself as a graphic designer she is able to be “all in” while pursuing her passion, hoping to inspire others to pursue their own passions despite struggle and adversity.

Starla has been known as a sprinter, an animator of races and supporting domestic in the women’s pelaton. With many Criterium podiums, Sprint leader Jerseys and a Crit State Championship title in her career she recently made the switch to Road and Stage Racing, wanting to see just how far she can go in the sport of cycling. “With this new switch I feel like I am learning how to race all over again, Road and Stage Racing is a different beast, it is an endurance sport that truly taxes your body and mind. Stage racing and being competitive on a world class level requires a new dedication and focus. I am excited to be working with Evolution Healthcare and Fitness as one of their sponsored athletes. Adding this amazing team to my already strong support system will elevate my development as an athlete. The strength and endurance work done at Evolution will translate to gains on the bike, as will the body work and other health care. Building a strong foundation and maintaining a healthy body will insure that I am ready to take on the hard work and be ready to meet the demands of competition.”

Sponsored Athlete Sue Moote

Susan Moote

Sue is a competitive age group triathlete.  She got involved in the sport before most people knew it existed over 30 years ago. The puzzle of maximizing performance in 3 sports along with nutrition has kept it fresh for this long period of time. Highlights include top 10 finishes at the World Championships (sprint and Olympic distance) and several National championships (off-road triathlon).

Sue really enjoys all distances of racing from sprint to Ironman and definitely loves getting dirty in off-road races.  In the past couple of years she has also started to bike race: cyclocross, road and mountain bike.  She likes to use her experience to mentor new and developing triathletes and inspire a passion for a healthy lifestyle. As she gets older, she is fascinated to see how far we can push the barrier back. She is still setting PR’s even in her 50’s.  During the day she is an executive at a large international manufacturer.

Sponsored Athlete Tyler Green

Tyler Green

Tyler is a competitive mountain-ultra-trail runner who started running Portland Parks and Rec cross country races in second grade. He has been in love with the sport ever since. His high school coach told him, “We just don’t have a race long enough for you,” and that wisdom eventually led him to ultra-marathons. Tyler has won the 2015 McKenzie 50k, 2016 Waldo 100k and Elk-Kings 50k along with numerous other podium finishes in the northwest. He has his sights set on a 100 mile race in 2017, and just gained entry into the challenging Leadville 100.

Trail running really comes down to one thing: moving fast and unencumbered in beautiful places. For Tyler, the process of race preparation is as satisfying as the races themselves because it requires long, hard days in the mountains and usually some fun road trips to get there. Tyler formerly held the unsupported fastest known time for the Timberline Trail that circumnavigates Mt. Hood and holds the FKT for the Devil’s Dome Loop in North Cascades NP. Other projects are on the horizon! Evolution’s Altitude Room is proving to be an essential training ground to reach goals to go faster and further.

Tyler is a middle school health and wellness teacher, outdoor educator, and loves to coach high school track and field, cross country, and ski team strength and conditioning. His other pursuits include mountain biking, skiing, backpacking, and occasional climbing.

Photo Credit: James Holk