Group Classes

We have over 25 different group classes at Evolution—from strength training to kettlebell workouts, Qigong to foam rolling, flexibility to agility. We have classes to fit your goals, your schedule, and your budget. Group classes can be purchased for as little as $10. Check our calendar, or read descriptions of the classes.

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are highly educated, at the top of their field, and have one mission: to help the individual meet their fitness goals. They are constantly continuing their education to help you get better, faster, stronger, and without injury. New clients receive a FREE 1 hour consultation.

Altitude Training

Training in our Altitude Training Room is good for improving overall health and performance. Train to improve your sea level performance, or prepare for traveling to or competing at high altitude locations. We simulate altitudes from 9,000–17,000 feet above sea level. We’ve also got the only ClimbStation™ in PDX.


We’re proud to have the only ClimbStation™ in Portland. Think of it as a programmable treadmill that allows you to climb at angles between +11º and -45º for up to 100 meters at a time. The ClimbStation™ also lets you measure your strength and track your progress. Sign up for a tour or learn more below.

FREE Consultations

New clients can get a FREE 1 hour consultation with one of our personal trainers. You’ll discuss your goals, health and fitness history, and in some cases, perform an analysis of movement and flexibility together. We believe in creating an open and inviting environment for all people, not just athletes. No pressure. No judgments.

Come in for a Tour

Schedule your tour of the facility. Not only do we have a world-class facility for our members, we also host events for the community and regularly rent or loan our space for others to host their events. Want to talk corporate wellness and keeping your employees happy and productive, do that here too.

Rock Steady Boxing

We’re now teaching Rock Steady Boxing for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Reduce, reverse, or delay symptoms.