Evolution Healthcare & Fitness is the single most unique patient/client focused community of healthcare and fitness professionals in the Pacific Northwest. But, don’t just take our word for it!

Our sole focus is to provide our clientele with a diverse set of resources that enable them to make informed choices about their individual healthcare and fitness needs. We are a community where relationships are built, friendships are formed, athletic potential is ignited, knowledge is shared, and health and well-being are invaluable commodities. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Healthcare Services


“Where do I begin?! I’d be utterly lost without Dr. Farra (chiropractor/owner) and Julia (massage therapist). I’ve followed him around Portland for eight years and he’s pure magic. He fixes us right up and is realistic and encouraging with treatment – never carries it on longer than we need. We truly owe our good health to him and trust him fully.

I started seeing Julia a couple months ago and I swear she is my spirit animal. I don’t have to tell her much, she truly just listens/feels/understands your body. She’s kind, gentle (rough when she needs to be – very strong), and good at what she does. Hands down best massage I’ve ever had! She really resonated with me in many ways.

Both of them are truly jacks of all trade. Highly recommend. Evolution in general is a real life changer.”
—Liz C.

“Brad and the crew at Evolution are amazing. They have such a diverse group of providers, it truly is “one-stop shopping.” They are all very professional and knowledgeable.”

—Bree W.

“I have been to Evolution for massage (Knight) and acupuncture (Li), and both experiences were excellent. The practitioners asked lots of questions, and truly listened to my answers and concerns. Great experiences; I will definitely be back, and send referrals!”

—Alyson D.

Fitness Services


“Fitness or fix-it, this is the place to be. The trainers know their stuff and they have all the right gear to get you into shape. Local athletes are quickly discovering the improvements from training in the altitude room, and the climb station is a great training tool. And when you push too much, Evolution has all the right people to fix you up. So glad Portland has this place!”
—Jerem L.

“This place is state of the art and will satisfy even elite athletes. On the Healthcare side I have had treatments by Cameron Li, LAc and found him to be an excellent provider. He specializes in an exercise science-based approach to acupuncture and other treatments so he is perfect for this place. I highly recommend him.

I would also highly recommend the small group classes here, specifically Strength Training for Runners. It was more like getting personal training than taking a class. And it was designed to be useful for both elite and non-elite competitors like myself.

I will be going back!”
—Jenna L.

Altitude Training


“I am a Portland resident. I recently went climbing in Colorado after 1 hr. X 3 days per week X 4 weeks training on the Climbstation in the altitude room at Evolution. The results were remarkable. I climbed as though I had been living full-time in Colorado. The aerobic restoration and capillarity training in the altitude room has also resulted in improvements in recovery time at the local climbing gym. The team at Evolution has been great – always there with helpful suggestions; and they accommodate my irregular time schedule. 5 stars!”
—Wayne G.

“This is a one-of-a-kind facility with knowledgeable and friendly staff. The real magic of the place is how it combines the healthcare with the fitness. Being able to see a chiro and then immediately apply the knowledge in the gym is great. Good community of fun people that love to geek out on everything health related. Totally recommended.”
—Dylan B.

“Love the altitude room, all the staff are great – brand-new fancy facility with all the amenities for not much $$- it’s kind of a best-kept secret I don’t want people to know about. I’ve worked with a lot of PT’s and Sanatan is the best- smart but pragmatic. There is no one that would not benefit from going here.”
—Shahnnen H.

Who is Evolution?

Our Services

Our mission is to provide everything you need to be healthy under one roof, except the kale. We do not have kale. Every day you decide what to eat and how much to move. With those choices you determine your health – It’s not the drugs, devices or surgery that make you healthy. It’s the collection of your personal choices made day in and day out. We are here to support you and guide you in your choices. Evolution’s practitioners and trainers are passionate about getting people better! We are the evolution of healthcare and fitness.
Patient/client education is the single most important thing your healthcare practitioner or trainer does. We educate our patients and clients with tools they need to take their healthcare into their own hands. Evolution is also dedicated to providing a stable and supportive environment for our trainers and healthcare providers, providing comprehensive support so that the trainer or practitioner can focus on doing what they do best: getting people better! We are the evolution of healthcare and fitness.
We are a patient/client centered facility. This means we go out of our way to help you reach your goals. We promise to do everything we can to help you succeed in your mission to be healthy and fit. We promise to remain on the cutting edge of science, health, and fitness education. Our practitioners and trainers stay current with research and evidence for their respective fields. We are the evolution of healthcare and fitness.

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