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Training for Climbing with Blood Flow Restriction

Climbing Mountains From the very beginning of my climbing career. I’ve been interested in every aspect of moving over terrain in the mountains. A competent alpinist is required to build skills on rock, ice and snow. Even though I don’t think I deserve the title yet. I’m always striving to further my skills on different terrain. To build the fitness [...]

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High Altitude Rock Climbing: Benefits of training in a simulated environment

Mt. Hood, Portland Oregon Maximum Benefits out of Altitude Training In the last blog post, we talked about my introduction to training inside a room that simulates different altitudes by using machinery and filters to remove available oxygen from the room. Check out this link if you want to catch up on that post or click this link [...]

High Altitude Rock Climbing: Training for a climbing trip in Peru

JUAN RODRIGUEZ JANUARY 11, 2019 Original story available, here. Planning trip to Peru A few months near the end of spring 2018, I was talking with my friend Matt from Stoneworks Climbing Gym about my upcoming trip to Peru. Inspired by Matt's slideshow about some high-altitude climbing he'd done with some friends the year before. Though I didn't have plans [...]

Train For Your Summer Hikes Like A Pro Mountain Climber

Train For Your Summer Hikes Like A Pro Mountain Climber July 12, 2018 — Eric Ellis Original story written for the fully blog, available here. With some simple, work-friendly exercises and the right food, you can conquer your summer hiking list Jeremy Currie helps serious rock climbers and mountaineers at Evolution Healthcare and Training to summit their next big peak. Martin Tull [...]

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The Art of Racing Underprepared

You Got Into Your Ultra Running Race, Now What? Getting into a popular ultra running race off the wait list is usually cause for excitement. But what if your training isn’t quite where you’d like it to be? Can you still have a good day? What are the chances you’ll actually ENJOY the race? I faced these questions a few [...]

Does Coffee Fuel Your Day? Science You Need to Know

Coffee, Caffe, Kahve, Kafe No matter how you say it, coffee is everywhere. Portland, Oregon, is the third most caffeinated city in the U.S. with about 737 coffee shops(1). This is likely because coffee is the nectar of the gods (well it’s true). Even though that statement is NOT science, there is an absurd amount of science that focuses on [...]