The Importance of Gut Bacteria and Probiotics

Written by: Em Wooden Between February 2013 and February 2014 the kombucha industry grew by 29 percent.  US sales during that year came to $122.7 million, and since then they have only gone up.  Euromonitor International estimates that, by 2019, the kombucha industry will net $656.7 million.  One of the driving factors in kombucha’s commercial [...]

Healthcare for Runners

Written by Em Wooden One of the unique aspects of our clinic is the fact that many of our providers are athletes.  The providers’ athletic interests range from hiking to yoga, climbing to triathlons; this gives them a unique insight into the mindset and priorities of the athletes they treat.  While they offer an impressive [...]

Fitness for Runners

Written by Em Wooden People of all different fitness levels work out at the Evolution gym.  Some of our clients are cultivating new skill sets, while others are perfecting ones they’ve had for ages.  New and experienced runners alike will enjoy working with our trainers one-on-one and in a group setting. The Altitude Training Room [...]

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Tired of Bonking? Try These 5 Strategies!

Written by: Alex Borsuk, MS, RD Bonking, hitting the wall, or whatever you want to call it, is an athlete's worst nightmare. Have you ever experienced that overwhelming feeling where your legs feel like cement and your body is just so tired that you are forced to stop? Or felt a change in your normal behavior [...]