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The Art of Racing Underprepared

You Got Into Your Ultra Running Race, Now What? Getting into a popular ultra running race off the wait list is usually cause for excitement. But what if your training isn’t quite where you’d like it to be? Can you still have a good day? What are the chances you’ll actually ENJOY the race? I [...]

Taking the Trash out of Ultra Running

18 Years of Slop Over the weekend of February 17th and 18th, the 18th annual Hagg Mud Runs hosted by the Oregon Road Runners Club took place at Henry Hagg Lake outside of Gaston, Oregon. This race is actually a trail race, circling the lake twice on Saturday for the 50k and once on Sunday [...]

Personal Injury Protection and Getting Your Medical Bills Paid

What is Personal Injury Protection? Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is an extension of your car insurance policy that pays medical expenses, lost wages, and essential services after an accident. PIP is no fault insurance and is available to both parties in an accident, even the at fault party. Who has PIP? Probably you! Oregon Law [...]

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On Trying Something New; Swimming

As an ultrarunner, an 11-mile race should neither be scary nor inspire fear. Yet, since signing up I have not been able to shake the feelings of fear and doubt. The problem isn’t the number of miles. The problem is it is a lot of miles, of swimming! The Portland Bridge Swim is an 11-mile [...]

Vegetable Juices over Fruit Juices for Healthy Benefits

Why do I prefer vegetable juices over fruit juices for health? Thanks to Mauricio Prinzlau for this guest blog on the benefits of vegetable juices. To read more about him, visit his website. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify the body and promote weight loss is one of the latest trends in the world of healthy eating. But is it [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Cupping Therapy

Written by Em Wooden Thanks to Michael Phelps, Pavel Sankovich, Alex Naddour, and many other Olympic athletes, cupping therapy has become a topic of conversation around the world.  News sources are sensationalizing the bruise-like marks on the athletes’ bodies, and while some journalists encourage readers to give cupping a try, others suggest that the therapy [...]

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What Does Science Have to Say about Altitude Training?

Written by Em Wooden Altitude training is utilized for a number of reasons.  The most common inspiration for clients at Evolution is improving athletic performance at sea level, although many people also train for high altitude treks and competitions in the Altitude Training Room.  For more than four decades athletes have embraced the improvement in [...]

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Written by: Em Wooden The skies are blue, the tantalizing scent of barbecue is hanging in the air, and the sun is reflecting off of the Willamette.  It’s official: summer has reached Portland! With temperatures ranging from the high 70s to low 90s predicted for the next several weeks, it is important to think about [...]

The Importance of Gut Bacteria and Probiotics

Written by: Em Wooden Between February 2013 and February 2014 the kombucha industry grew by 29 percent.  US sales during that year came to $122.7 million, and since then they have only gone up.  Euromonitor International estimates that, by 2019, the kombucha industry will net $656.7 million.  One of the driving factors in kombucha’s commercial [...]

Healthcare for Runners

Written by Em Wooden One of the unique aspects of our clinic is the fact that many of our providers are athletes.  The providers’ athletic interests range from hiking to yoga, climbing to triathlons; this gives them a unique insight into the mindset and priorities of the athletes they treat.  While they offer an impressive [...]