Training for Climbing with Blood Flow Restriction

Climbing Mountains From the very beginning of my climbing career. I’ve been interested in every aspect of moving over terrain in the mountains. A competent alpinist is required to build skills on rock, ice and snow. Even though I don’t think I deserve the title yet. I’m always striving to further my skills on different [...]

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3 Things to Look for When Coaching the Squat

The squat. One of the “Big Three” lifts and the lift that everyone should be doing to express overall strength and mobility. The fact that the squat is such a vital exercise in building athleticism, strength, and overall health is something that almost all coaches can agree on. But, as far as things to look [...]

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Altitude Training and 47 Weeks of Half Marathon Success

Prolific Half Marathon Running Opportunities Last year, when I relocated to Portland OR from NY, I decided to run a half marathon every weekend. The reason for that crazy goal was to see and explore my new state, to meet some running friends. I'm always looking to make some connections with the running community. I [...]

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Strength Training the Right Way for Adventure

Note: This post on strength training was originally written for Outdoor Project. It has been modified slightly to meet Word Press standards. This piece was written by David Skolnik, PT, DPT, CSCS. Scroll to the bottom to learn more about David and follow along on his adventures! It is a disgrace to grow old through [...]

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Physical Activity & Your Brain- A Love Story

Author: Em Wooden   Over the past several years summer camp registrations have been dropping drastically.  Fewer than half of the students who should be eligible for Oregon’s Outdoor School program are able to attend.  Schools are cutting recess from the curriculum.  Opportunities for kids to get out and stretch their legs are waning, and [...]

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5 Common Running Injuries and How Acupuncture Can Help

Author: Ginna Ellis of AcuTake, Presented by Danielle Melanson, LAc Acupuncture and running are a well-suited pair. Whether you’re a casual runner or a qualifying entrant in Boston Marathon, acupuncture can help you stay on top of your running game. From knee and hip pain to plantar fascitis and fatigue, many ailments suffered by runners [...]

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