Does Coffee Fuel Your Day? Science You Need to Know

Coffee, Caffe, Kahve, Kafe No matter how you say it, coffee is everywhere. Portland, Oregon, is the third most caffeinated city in the U.S. with about 737 coffee shops(1). This is likely because coffee is the nectar of the gods (well it’s true). Even though that statement is NOT science, there is an absurd amount [...]

The Athlete’s Gut

Why is Gut Health Important? Gut health is critical for an athlete. Did you know that blood is shunted away from your gut during times of intense physical exertion? As a result, digestive processes take a back seat to your cardiac and respiratory functions that keep you going. The GI tract is crucial for keeping [...]

Vegetable Juices over Fruit Juices for Healthy Benefits

Why do I prefer vegetable juices over fruit juices for health? Thanks to Mauricio Prinzlau for this guest blog on the benefits of vegetable juices. To read more about him, visit his website. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify the body and promote weight loss is one of the latest trends in the world of healthy eating. But is it [...]

The Importance of Gut Bacteria and Probiotics

Written by: Em Wooden Between February 2013 and February 2014 the kombucha industry grew by 29 percent.  US sales during that year came to $122.7 million, and since then they have only gone up.  Euromonitor International estimates that, by 2019, the kombucha industry will net $656.7 million.  One of the driving factors in kombucha’s commercial [...]

From the Peruvian Andes to Your Medicine Cabinet

Looking for an excuse to indulge in a chocolate bar?  Maca Chocolate might be your new favorite snack! Written by: Em Wooden If you were to venture to Peru and hike the Andes, you would find yourself faced with breathtaking views and a harsh environment.  Machu Picchu attracts more than 800,000 international tourists each year, [...]

Vegan Protein- A Complete List of Choices

Author: Em Wooden People choose to cut animal products out of their diets for myriad reasons. Whether you are motivated by health factors or personal ethics, it is important to ensure that you are getting enough protein when you stop eating meat and dairy. Vegans are not the only people who should consider alternative protein [...]

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One Root Vegetable Is About To Kick Your Workout into Gear

Author: Em Wooden Humans have been eating beets for centuries. The Ancient Greeks and Romans loved beet greens so much that gardeners actively sought out methods to keep fresh beets available throughout the year. These earthy vegetables were supposedly present in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In Europe during the 1500s people began eating the [...]

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