High Altitude Rock Climbing: Training for a climbing trip in Peru

JUAN RODRIGUEZ JANUARY 11, 2019 Original story available, here. Planning trip to Peru A few months near the end of spring 2018, I was talking with my friend Matt from Stoneworks Climbing Gym about my upcoming trip to Peru. Inspired by Matt's slideshow about some high-altitude climbing he'd done with some friends the year before. [...]

Altitude Training not Just Attitude Adjustment

Training is hard. It requires dedication. It requires motivation. It requires opting for getting sleep rather than going out. You need to mold your attitude much like a muscle, so that it isn’t the limiting factor in training or in racing. I’ve been training and competing at a high level for a long time (Pacific [...]

What Does Science Have to Say about Altitude Training?

Written by Em Wooden Altitude training is utilized for a number of reasons.  The most common inspiration for clients at Evolution is improving athletic performance at sea level, although many people also train for high altitude treks and competitions in the Altitude Training Room.  For more than four decades athletes have embraced the improvement in [...]

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